Hi, I'm Glen Hunter.

Unity Developer with a passion for creating captivating gaming experiences. Proficient in C# and Unity, I have honed my skills through hands-on experience in game development. With a dedication to continuous learning and an ability to adapt, I thrive in fast-paced environments. Seeking a challenging role to further develop my expertise and contribute to the creation of innovative games.

What I Do

Specialize in Unity

I specialize in designing and implementing game logic, building interactive systems, and developing immersive game mechanics using Unity's robust scripting languages. From crafting engaging gameplay mechanics to setting up intuitive UIs, I employ my programming skills to bring game concepts to life.

Integration of External Services

I have experience integrating various services into games, enhancing their functionality and marketability. This includes setting up in-app purchases, implementing social media sharing features, deploying advertisements, establishing leaderboards, using analytics for player insights, and even enabling multiplayer networking.

Debugging and Optimization

Recognizing the crucial role of performance in user experience, I'm committed to meticulous debugging and optimization. I systematically identify and fix coding errors, and constantly fine-tune the game's performance to ensure a seamless gaming experience for the end-user.

Game Testing

Quality assurance is integral to my game development process. I conduct extensive unit tests, engage in rigorous debugging, and personally playtest the games. By uncovering and addressing any bugs or gameplay issues, I ensure the game is not just ready for release, but also offers a compelling, enjoyable experience.

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